Quarantine Routine

Self-care is boring. Self-care is not just about “treating yo’ self” and its not just an excuse to get your nails done, to put on a face mask, or to go to an exercise class. Self-care is more than temporary happiness, it is about building a happier self for both now and the future. So yes, all of these activities are still included in my definition for a nice temporary fix of joy, but what about long-term?

I’ve come to realize that self-care actually isn’t always very fun. It is about digging deep and facing the anxieties and the fears holding us back from feeling more gratitude and more happiness in the future.

Everyday we fill our day-to-day lives with work, friends, exercise, etc. and barely have time to think about and take care of ourselves. Our high-pressure culture has made it difficult for us to sit in our thoughts, to be bored, and to be happy doing nothing. How many of you have already gotten that notification that your screen time for the week is wayy up compared to last week? Cause I have lol.

Maybe we should all view this time as a reset. A time to look deep into ourselves and realize why we are keeping ourselves so busy. We can use this as a time to build healthy habits that will keep us grounded, happy, and grateful when we no longer have to sit at home all day. 

I have officially decided to devote this time to my own self-care. I am starting to realize that my busy-ness has been a distraction from the anger, the frustration, the sadness, and the anxiety I feel from both my life before and after cancer.

Now over a week into my life stuck at home, I’ve developed a daily routine that includes both temporary and future-focused self-care. Being only a week in, I’m writing down this routine to hold me accountable to keeping this up. All of the time in between is filled with online classes, hanging out with the family, blogging, talking to friends, and catching up on sleep.


  1. Wake up and do the same 12 minute meditation every day ~ like I said, our culture has made it difficult to spend time letting go of our thoughts without distraction. Just like a sport, meditation takes practice.
  2. Hydrate!
  3. Drink my Pique Tea matcha, then a turmeric tea with Life Cykel mushrooms.
  4. Do a FUN At-home workout with one of my favorite instructors. I have seriously never had so much fun working out in my life! (@meganroup/@thesculptsociety @lindseyharrod @aubrewinters @samiclarke @froyotofitness)  
  5. Bake/cook something with my sister.
  6. Take at least 5 minutes to close my eyes, breathe, and feel gratitude. Or journal! 
  7. Go on a walk with my pup.
  8. I end my night by putting my phone away and reading my book.

Just one week in, I already feel massive improvements. Meditation is getting easier and much more enjoyable, and being bored feels so much less stressful. Of course, I have so much more room to improve and I am excited to finally have this time to reset.


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