Toxic Beauty

Go google the first five ingredients listed on your shampoo bottle, I dare you. Or your sunscreen bottle, your face wash, your make-up…

Last week, I hosted a screening of Toxic Beauty – a documentary discussing the toxins and chemicals in products that we use every single day. The documentary exposes the FDA for approving many chemicals that have been PROVEN to be harmful. To this day, the FDA continues to deny so much of the research that has come out about the carcinogenic and toxic effects of these chemicals. We should be able to put our full trust in the FDAs ability to regulate and screen for harmful substances, but unfortunately we kinda have to take the matter into our own hands and weed out these toxins for ourselves.

Why wait for yourself to notice signs of aging? Why wait for a diagnosis when we have the resources to research and learn about these obvious ways to improve our health? Why not change your lifestyle preventatively BEFORE your body starts to physically show stress?

As a general overview, many chemicals are estrogen-imitating compounds and can play with your hormonal patterns. MANY cancers and other diseases are estrogen-related; therefore, these hormone disruptors can play a role in the development of hormone-related issues! (They can also affect your gut bacteria/microbiome – which allows for proper absorption and usage of nutrients!) 

Tips and Tricks

  1. Look for short ingredient lists!
  2. Look for recognizable ingredients! Look for ingredients such as aloe, and other things that you’ve heard of. Ingredients that sound like chemicals… are probably chemicals.
  3. If you are unsure about a product or an ingredient, look it up on! This website provides tons of information about chemical levels and cleanliness of different products.

Moral of the story… it is extremely important that we are well aware of everything we are putting in and on our bodies. SO… I did some research and reached out to some non-toxic/clean beauty brands. These brands were excited to hear about the interest in clean products and the growth of non-toxic knowledge, so they provided me with some discount codes!

My Favorite Brands

  1. SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER – I use LOVE HAIR shampoo and conditioner which I swear by. Smells amazing, all organic and VERY clean ingredients. Also makes my hair so soft! 10% OFF DISCOUNT CODE – RACHEL10 click here to use. (EWG website has a bunch of other recommended shampoos and conditioners.)
  2. DEODORANT – I use PRIMALLY PURE deodorant. Doesn’t smell amazing but it gets the job done.
  3. SUNSCREEN – I use COOLA, love it! I also use the Coola sunless tan occasionally.
  4. SKINCARECOCOKIND!!! Affordable, effective and crazy clean skin care products. I use the chia facial oil, oil cleanser, rosewater toner, matcha moisture stick, golden elixir and the 3 highlighter sticks.
  5. MAKEUP – I currently use: JUICE BEAUTY foundation; RMS mascara, blush, eye shadow; ERE PEREZ concealer; COCOKIND highlighters; KJAER WEIS pressed powder for Bronzer.

Discount Codes

RMS – This brand was the sole clean beauty brand discussed in the documentary! I currently use their mascara (I am obsessed), the blush, and eye shadow (solar). They gave me a one-time purchase per user discount code for 15% off, valid for one month only! — 15% OFF RMS – PD-NE9C52

Ere Perez – This is another clean beauty brand that I love! Have not had the chance to try many of their products but I currently use the concealer and am a huge fan. Discount code for 15% off products purchased through the website for the next three months using code rachelscleaneats15% OFF ERE PEREZ – rachelscleaneats

Love Hair – Amazing, very clean and organic hair products! They were nice enough to give me a 10% off discount code as well! 10% OFF LOVE HAIR – RACHEL10


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